Zoom Zone

Our Zoom Zone was created in April 2020 to help individuals and organisations across Hambleton to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Looking for help on how to use Zoom for social or business purposes?

Whether it's one-to-one communication, meetings, networking or webinars get in touch via email: northallertonbn@gmail.com

Current restrictions on travel make it more challenging for everyone to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues. Many will relish and embrace the opportunities offered by the use of technology.

There are many people who completed their education, studies, qualifications or even ended their working careers prior to the digital revolution. Some were already having difficulty keeping up with technology, whether because of age or health, and saw their traditional lifestyle choices particularly concerning shopping, banking and travel being eroded.

With the added constraints on traditional opportunities to socialise and communicate we recognised it was more important than ever that we do not leave behind those who might be vulnerable or isolated and provide ways to enable them to stay connected and feel involved and included in our network, for the benefit of everyone.

We would like to extend our support to other community groups across Hambleton and use our 'zoom zone' team to help as many Hambleton residents as possible to stay connected. We are contacting groups from across the region to see how we can support their strategies to keep their members connected electronically whether that be through social media sites, using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or organising online meetings via Skype, Google-hangouts or the increasingly popular Zoom.

We would like to hear from any voluntary sector organisations including community groups, charities, social enterprises and other types of not for profit organisation in the Hambleton region who would be interested in support.

We have secured sufficient funding, with the support of The Two Ridings Community Fund, to support several local groups so get in touch as soon as possible - first come, first served basis.

For more information, please get in touch via northallertonbn@gmail.com or for an informal chat about how your group and its members could benefit call Gill on 07531 013505

NBN Digital Team

Gill Carnell

Ian Sadler

Kate Slater

New to ZOOM?

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Set up your profile https://zoom.us/profile

Check your audio and video settings at https://zoom.us/test