We passionately believe that small businesses benefit from real, tailored and friendly support delivered by members for members and that’s what Northallerton Business Network is all about.

We support local businesses by harnessing the skills and expertise of local businesses to help each other. You’d be amazed at how much impact a little bit of practical advice can have!

We regularly ask members what business issues keep them awake at night, what concerns they have and which topics they would like to have addressed. Suggestions for speakers / sponsors at our monthly meetings are welcome. For issues which require more detailed support we try to seek funding to deliver group workshops or when possible offer one-to-one support funding.

We are on a mission to ensure all our members do better at digital. We offer free digital learning to help businesses with everything from social to networking strategy to spreadsheets.

To date we have successfully bid for funding or support which allowed us to deliver workshops exclusively for our members on:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking Strategy
  • Video Marketing.

Following our request for feedback from members on their priorities for digital training we are currently seeking funding/support to deliver the following workshops:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dealing with Digital Data (spreadsheets with an eye on GDPR)
  • Creating Visual Content (Canva and Adobe Spark)
  • Editing Video
  • Google Analytics


*** After a successful funding application to North Yorkshire County Council we are currently organising future events for 2019 and 2020 around the theme of 'Self-Care for the Self-Employed' and 'Health in the Workplace'.


Video Marketing Workshops, exclusively available to NBN members:

Delegates will attend 2 half day sessions.

Dates: TBC

Time: 2:00 to 5:00pm

Venue: Evolution Business Center, Northallerton.

We anticipate a maximum of 8 delegates per double -workshop. The group size is purposefully small to allow us the time and space to really get to the heart of the goals below.

The first session will cover how video marketing fits into both an online and offline networking strategy. Why we network and how to use video before, during and after an event. How we describe ourselves as well as our services/products in a face to face scenario and how this 'elevator pitch' should be put together. A 60-90 second pitch should be created in the workshop. This is to then be amended, improved and practiced (until word perfect) in the interval between sessions. Discussions around body language, facial expressions, tone of voice. Clothing, colours and other practical issues to consider.

Time permitting, delegates downloading and familiarising themselves with editing software and video effects that they will need in their second session. With attention to suitable camera/smartphone settings to be set prior to second session.

The second session will involve delegates producing 2 videos each of approx 60 seconds (abs max of 2 minutes). One to promote their own business services and/or products or to market a specific event or offering. The second to showcase how they have benefited from being a member of Northallerton Business Network and how great it is being a Hambleton based business.

Both to be edited in the workshop under the tuition, advice and guidance of Andy Carter. Time permitting uploaded to websites, posted on twitter or uploaded to LinkedIn accounts or other digital platforms.

Note as with most complimentary (fully funded) workshops there is unavoidably some paperwork required. This will need to be completed prior to attending the course. We are currently awaiting an update on how/when this will take place.

Video by Ian Sadler

This is an example of the high quality business video produced by Ian Sadler, regional director of insight6, customer service training and intelligent business insights, who attended our first series of video marketing workshops.