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Hambleton District Council Budget Consultation 2020-2021

It is a statutory requirement that businesses are included in the budget consultation process and therefore a meeting for local businesses will be held on Tuesday 4 December 2019 from 10am -12noon at the district council offices in Northallerton. If you would like to attend the meeting please contact

You can alternatively tell us your views by completing the survey on line by 25 October 2019

Happy Birthday Northallerton Business Network!

Northallerton Business Network celebrated its sixth anniversary on 7th October 2019.

We often hear ideas about how to reward and praise employees but what if you're a sole-trader or micro-business? How do you tell yourself that you're doing a great job and celebrate your own achievements? As October 2019 is our sixth anniversary, we decided to help our members do exactly that.”

At our birthday event we took the opportunity to celebrate the successes and achievements of all the businesses in our network, with a great big collective 'pat on the back'.

Kate Slater, PR and Brand Marketing Expert said: “This is a really friendly, useful business network. I’ve only recently moved into the area and within a year, I’ve made some valuable connections, learnt how to make iPhone films for social media and generated excellent business leads and enjoyed the Monday experience every time.”

Gill Carnell said: “When I expanded an existing business into North Yorkshire the Northallerton Business Network provided a great way for me to make local business connections and spread the word about my services across the Hambleton region. Whilst running your own business means it’s great not having anyone to answer to, it’s not so good having no one to talk to!” Networking helps reduce the isolation that can be associated with self-employment. ”

Colin Hutson, CEO of Colin Hutson Accounting said: “We have networked like crazy these last 6 years which helped us grow from 4 staff to now 16. Northallerton Business Network suits our style as it is totally informal networking without targets or strict agenda. Well done NBN on 6 successful years"

Mark Gardner from Excello Law said: “Congratulations to Northallerton Business Network on their sixth birthday! Everyone in business needs a growing network of contacts and if you're running a business in or around Northallerton, this is definitely one for your monthly diary. It's friendly and informal but very effective in terms of the people you meet and the business opportunities you're offered.!

The event was hosted by the magnificent Solberge Hall on 7th October and businesses based from all across Hambleton come along to share and celebrate everything that is good about their business with everyone there. There was a lot of positive stories, smiling, and everyone enjoyed strengthening business connections and eating cake!

Events take place on the first Monday of each month between 5:00 and 7:00pm. The organising team would be delighted to see new and existing members at future events. If you know any Hambleton businesses who would like to give it a try, please let them know all the details are available on the website


In July 2019 we held our first 'netwalking' event. The warmth and friendly manner of the attendees was matched by the bright and sunny weather.

The walk was kindly led by Ken Nicholson from Hambleton Strollers.

Photo kindly taken and supplied by Alex Spurr, partner at Clark Willis Solicitors.:

Networking is a Walk in the Park

In keeping with our current theme of 'The Five Ways to Wellbeing' we took our networking outdoors to the beautiful Cod Beck Reservoir and surrounding countryside of the North Yorkshire Moors Park.

We enjoyed it so much we're doing it all again in July 2020.

University of The Third Age

In June 2019 we were delighted to welcome Eric Lister, from U3A. What a fabulous, interesting and informative presentation he created especially for our members, tying in how the activities offered by Northallerton U3A relate to our current theme on the five ways to wellbeing.

Having 300+ members involved in 30+ different activities around Northallerton, U3A has something for everyone. Many include being active, learning for pleasure and connecting with others.

Check out this link to the Northallerton U3A website:

News Update (March 2019 - March 2020)

We are super excited to announce our recent funding application to North Yorkshire County Council was successful.

The funding will support our project for the following year which is 'Self-Care for Self-Employed and Health & Wellbeing in the Worksplace'.

We will be inviting speakers and arranging activities for our monthly meetings as well as putting on additional learning opportunities and events around this theme. If you are a Hambleton based business and feel you could contribute to the programme please get in touch with your suggestions. Please see the video below:


Starting 21st Jan 2019 - closing date 7th April 2019

We actively encourage our members to provide feedback on their networking experiences and any benefits they have found from belonging to the group.

Tell us what you like and how you have benefited from being a member of Northallerton Business Network.

All entries by video. Ideally 30 to 60 seconds in duration and definitely no more than 2 minutes long.

Watch this space for more info on free 'video marketing' training for members and how to enter!

Video Marketing Workshops, exclusively available to NBN members:

Delegates will attend 2 half day sessions.

Dates: Mon 18th March and Mon 1st April.

Time: 2:00 to 5:00pm

Venue: Evolution Business Center, Northallerton.

We anticipate a maximum of 8 delegates per double -workshop. The group size is purposefully small to allow us the time and space to really get to the heart of the goals below.

The first session will cover how video marketing fits into both an online and offline networking strategy. Why we network and how to use video before, during and after an event. How we describe ourselves as well as our services/products in a face to face scenario and how this 'elevator pitch' should be put together. A 60-90 second pitch should be created in the workshop. This is to then be amended, improved and practiced (until word perfect) in the interval between sessions. Discussions around body language, facial expressions, tone of voice. Clothing, colours and other practical issues to consider.

Time permitting, delegates downloading and familiarising themselves with editing software and video effects that they will need in their second session. With attention to suitable camera/smartphone settings to be set prior to second session.

The second session will involve delegates producing 2 videos each of approx 60 seconds (abs max of 2 minutes). One to promote their own business services and/or products or to market a specific event or offering. The second to showcase how they have benefited from being a member of Northallerton Business Network and how great it is being a Hambleton based business.

Both to be edited in the workshop under the tuition, advice and guidance of Andy Carter. Time permitting uploaded to websites, posted on twitter or uploaded to LinkedIn accounts or other digital platforms.

Note as with most complimentary (fully funded) workshops there is unavoidably some paperwork required. This will need to be completed prior to attending the course. We are currently awaiting an update on how/when this will take place.




Video produced and edited by Andy Carter

Professional PR and Communications Expert

Website: Be Ambitious

Health in the Workplace

Following on from our mini-expo on health and well-being we are looking to organise future events. The aim is to recognise and understand causes of stress for self-employed and/or small business owners and their employees in-order to then provide professional practical advice and training to take actionable steps to manage and reduce stress in the workplace. We would love to hear from our members about any suggestions or activities they would like to see included in these events.


The 'five ways to wellbeing' are easy ways to help look after your mental wellbeing.

  • Connect. Talk and listen, be there and feel connected.
  • Be active. Do what you can, enjoy what you do and move your mood.
  • Take notice. Remember the simple things that give you joy.
  • Learn. Embrace new experiences, see opportunities and surprise yourself.
  • Give. Offer your time, your words and your presence.

*******HOT Stuff******* Hambleton Organisations Together

Northallerton Business Network start off 2019 with a Health and Well Being expo to showcase some of Hambleton's leading businesses and organisations within this sector.

While New Years Resolutions start to roll in, usually top of the list is being healthier in some way and this is the perfect way to look at how you can get the support you need to turn a resolution into a result. The event is taking place at the Evolution Centre in Northallerton between the times of 5.00pm and 7.00pm on Monday the 7th of January.

Those exhibiting include; Change Working, Reiki Relax, Zafu, Time of Your Life, Hambleton Community Action, North Yorkshire County Council Health, Hambleton District Council - Wellbeing. Other attendees include: North Yorkshire Physiotherapy, Hambleton Strollers, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Hambleton Biz Awards 2018

Delighted to announce that Julie Hutson, from Colin Hutson Accounting, was the winner of the Best Business Improvement District Business in Northallerton.

Congratulations also go to other NBN members who were nominated:

Ian Sadler from Insight6 - nominated for Best Customer Service Award

Ruth English from Winnies Yorkshire Delights - nominated for Innovation Award

Gill Carnell from Secrets of Software - nominated for Hambleton Champion Award

See all the winners of the Hambleton Business Awards 2018 here.

Liven Up Your Lunch LifeTuesday Lunch Club (TLC)

From summer 2018 we will be arranging quarterly lunch time network events.

The first lunch is planned for a Tuesday, 12-2pm. Date and Venue: TBC

Watch this space for details of venues, costs and menus.

Hambleton Business Awards 2018

This Hambleton District Council initiative recognises the range and diversity of businesses in the district, their achievements and the achievements of the people who work there.

We are delighted that several of our members have been nominated for an award and we wish them well for the Awards ceremony on Tuesday 11th September, at The Forum in Northallerton.

NBN has been nominated for an award and we appreciate the help and support that Julie Hutton, Business Economy Officer, has provided over the last five years. Thanks also go to David Gibson, who manages Richmond Business Network, who freely volunteered to provide invaluable support, advise, and the benefit of his extensive experience to help get our network off the ground, established and in a position to grow and succeed. Our current organising team is kept on track by Pat Stanton (of utility warehouse) and we are grateful for the work she does behind the scenes with everything from promotion and banking to ensuring there are chocolate biscuits on the table!

A huge thank you goes out to each and everyone of our members as YOU ARE Northallerton Business Network!


In January 2018 we had a presentation by Darlington College on Apprenticeship Reforms, what the changes have meant for business’ large and small, from Levy to non-Levy and changes in teaching from Frameworks to Standards and opportunities for Higher Apprenticeships.

A PowerPoint of the presentation is available to view via this link: Apprenticeship Scheme. Anyone with any queries should email or call 01325 503210

Hambleton Businesses can also apply for an apprentice wage subsidy. Link to more information: HDC Apprentice Wage Subsidy

Celebrating Success

Great to see one of our members, James Robson MBE become chair of the Entrepreneurs' Forum. If you're planning to scale up your business take a look at this video and consider joining.

How’s Business is the Growth Hub for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. Whether you’re looking for information on how to improve your Facebook marketing, or funding to build a new manufacturing unit, How’s Business has something for you.

Its website is useful to anyone looking for information on how to improve their business. It offers a mix of articles and eBooks, information on funding, as well as the biggest calendar of local networking events in the region. You can find out more at