Well that's a wrap. Change is on the way......

Northallerton Business Network - the amazing small business community filled with positivity, ideas, support & collaboration

has served it's members well for over 7 years.

After tons of cakes, gallons of cuppas, pizza and even veg straight from the farm (remember that rainy downpour one summer evening?), a treasure trail, a netwalk in the North Yorkshire Moors and visits to numerous hospitality venues across the region ..... a free smile at every event and millions of laughs, it's time for a change in the organising team.

From September 2020, business networking continues in Northallerton (under new management) and you can find out more, and register for events via the new website: https://northallertonbusinessnetwork.co.uk/

We never aspired to be the biggest group - but to be the best business network we could - and in that we succeeded.

We inspired and gave support & energy to each other and that's what made NBN the best business network it could be!